Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Like all posts, this post is simple, yet different. I want to capture different subtle discoveries/ thoughts of past few days.

#1: Maddening craze of social networking!

Its saddening! Silly updates of few maniacs shouting every hour spoils the actual fun of it.

#2: The larger than reel life image of Mogambo

Javed Saab's creation was backed by fabulous Amrish Puri performance to immortalize "mogambo khush hua"

Courtesy: Shekhar Kapoor Blog
(interesting read - what does a teacher make)

#3: Why is Nehru's death never talked about?

#4: Days where, micro overshadows image of macro

- Micro minis are always in thing (adding to reasons for earthquakes n igniting the minds)
- Though Micro blogging looks interesting, the real charm is missing for various reasons Side note: just installed mobile twitter.
- Micro financing is big hit, though not as big as micro minis. Superbly amazing spirit of support & business. Visit chakde.org

#5: HBO Babelicious Advert - simply put awesome..!

#6: pi lu @ 4:50 mins ~ 5 mins. 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs = 180 mins
180/5 = 36 times pi lu: my latest craze for today

#7: astrology is a science.

These days a very close friend of mine is into it & convinced me that it is a science.

#8: Milk is INR 26+ per litre in India

No no..! I am not into domestic chores (as yet) and neither I am talking about price hikes. Met a milkman in the lift today morning, and out of curosity inquired the prices. Bhes ka doodh @ 26 Rs per litre.

#9: Missed the June post

I want to take this figure to #10..!
Anyways later..!


VB said...


Boy o boy! Got u
Most of it we debated parliamentary istyle, rest lets search d connect for mini-micro-macro?

Pandit nehru is a case study f ishqqq....his fav quote was...."dil to baccha hair ji"...."thoda kaccha hai ji"....

More soon. Lets keep walking in all spheres!

"D lost pirate....."

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