Sunday, October 25, 2009

Do you think like I do?

What I want to do – spend time in the country side learning farming, set up a shack by the beach and watch the sunset, drive a powerful 4X4 to the topmost terrain, open up a restaurant chain and venture into expanding pass time options for the crowds, train to be a professional golfer, or just continue doing what I do best, procrastinate and STAY CONFUSED!!

Whether I believe in HIS existence and HIS strange ways of dealing with us!

Why do we live in the past? I think it’s we who determine for how long it should live.

When shall I get that next opportunity to play one of my most favorite sports since childhood – cricket! Feel the willow in my hand and the exhilaration in my being.

Should we believe what we desire to believe or what is the fact in front of us?

Does the universe really conspire to make you achieve what you strongly aspire for or does it keep you yearning for more happiness and more happiness till it seems there is nothing left but to drown in that feeling?

How to reach a situation when the opposite person understands the point without having to say it every time?

Is this is it?

When this entire muddle shall end?
I am sure it will dawn into a new day; very soon..!

Do you often think like I do?