Friday, January 29, 2010

Sandwiching Your Dreams..!

Hey folks, Happy New Year..! It’s been a long time I posted something. Anyways, I would take the liberty of saying that, past year was definitely eventful (a bit, if not more) for all of us. As they say; every day is a lesson learnt!

Past year also gave us some beautiful insights. However, my resolutions (if I had any) were not matched even to acceptable limits. Hopefully it is now set to change. There is so much to be done, accomplished, completed, achieved that if I don’t do anything I feel I have lost something valuable. Okay, enough of anything – something. I want to will get over the procrastination bug. And that’s what I hope to change in 2010..!

Yes, so let me come to the reason for this post. Many wise men came and went. What they left behind is legacy of quotes which may be far from being practical. Anyways recently, I came across a beautiful thought;

“All our dreams can come true, if we have courage to pursue them.”
Walt Disney

On the above note, (which is a very wise thought; few may decide to disagree..!) let me take you through the google meaning of – Dream.

• a series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep;
• imaginative thoughts indulged in while awake;
• ambition: a cherished desire;
• pipe dream: a fantastic but vain hope (from fantasies induced by the opium pipe)

For the purpose of this discussion, let’s pick #3; ambition: a cherished desire.

Cherished Desires..!! I will extend one of my previous posts; Is the grass really green? – Life is bundle of dreams, cherished desires, revolutionary ideas..! Different people have different sets of dreams. Some are passionate about money, others are inspired to achieve their goals, and few of charitable ones want to better the society..! Nevertheless, all of us grow up with certain ambitions and aspirations. As a child, I aspired to be a cardiologist! That’s a different issue, that now I can’t even stand blood. Similarly, all of us pick certain dreams and drop few of them.

If I were to analogize it with something more simple; its Sandwich..! (I found it apt, for it was my dinner past couple of days.) Different types of sandwiches have different ingredients. Likewise, different lives have different sets of dreams. You pick some, you (or circumstances make you) drop some. But the opening statement made by Walt Disney still holds good. (All our dreams can come true, if we have courage to pursue them. It’s just that we accept defeat and stop pursuing them) Now that one has decided to drop some aspirations, like the Jains drop stuff like onions & garlic (by choice) out of sandwich or Hindus drop beef (no hard feelings), similarly many of us drop few desires accepting the conflict as inevitable part of life. It echoes what Goldratt said in The Choice..! (That reminds me, I am yet to complete it; one more pending thing in my to do list!)

So to highlight it; a normal human being has multiples of dreams..! Few related to beautiful life, others to fulfilling career and rest linked to material fulfillment. No doubts there are some attributed towards selfless things..!

So as usual, let us try to answer few unanswered questions.

Is life just about running behind the dreams...!!?

My simple reply to the question posed above would be plain – No. It’s more than that. It is what you achieve/ gain or lose in the course of chase (run). Life is journey. The beauty of it is to enjoy the journey. This is what time has taught me. (It is a cliché though) Just imagine the day you passed the high school exams, the day you flunked the college semester exams, the day you met her, those very moments which got butterflies in your stomach, the moment somebody relied on you, any moment which made you proud, similarly there are several instances in each one of our lives which have carved a mark in our minds. If I were to put it more flamboyantly, those are inscribed in golden letters on the walls of your heart! For few wise minds, life is fulfilling dreams. Dream could be a happy family. If we define it, Raj Thackery’s ‘Marathi Manoos’ way, it is ‘Aadadhi bhakri khawi, pan ghari rahawe.’ – meaning eat half the roti, but stay home. Perhaps, that is the reason why Marathis are less of entrepreneurs while you will find Gujjus and Punjus all across the globe.

So to sum it up, it’s how you order your sandwich, how you want it to look like, what you won’t regret certain items falling out of it or how much would you regret it, how do you enjoy it (how do you capture it), how do you want your next sandwich to shape up, etcetera..! (We will touch the next sandwich again in couple of minutes)

Above all, is the achievement of our dreams really satisfying and worth losing what we lost in the course of achieving it... what if later on u realize that it wasn’t exactly what you wanted and wasn’t worth enough....

The above thought reminds me of a recent movie ‘3 Idiots’ where our hero Mr. Rancho kept on insisting that follow your dreams and success will follow automatically. However, what about majority of those who haven’t yet discovered the aim, ambition or the goal of their life?

Certainly, lots of us eat up entire life time to discover the goal of life. But if I were to summarize the thoughts, we can conclude that all of us have dreams which are dynamic in nature and our dreams, our aspirations will keep on changing with ever changing world. That doesn’t mean that we stop chasing or pursuing our current dreams. At any given point of time, we need to keep reminding ourselves of the goal and pull ourselves in structured manner towards attainment of it. No doubt clear the vision, better the picture; better is the journey and the end result.

So my humble suggestion to all you wise people is to start dreaming (if you are not) and continue dreaming..! (pursuing it is obvious next step)

Happy Dreaming..!!

PS: The above post is inspired by couple of friends; one who lives in dream land and other beautiful lady who expresses herself in innovative manner as follows -

A dream is like a sandwich...! You have many of them, some are small, and some are big... Small ones are like tomatoes.. You have it in your sandwich but the taste is not always in your mouth, big dreams are like southwest sauce, they are yummy and liquid i.e. jumping to get noticed by being around your lips all the time, and practical difficulty to achieve those dreams is like the parmesan oregano bread which stops the sauce from tasting to its entire potential..!!

On that note, I will leave the forum open for discussion. (I can expect few inputs from your side now!)