Friday, July 30, 2010

Bucket List

Couple of years back, a movie called 'The Bucket List' with a wonderful concept hit the box office. I could not appreciate it then. But today somehow I managed to bump into it again. And was inspired to take this step and put up my bucket list.

1. Albeit, the list might look lofty enough, but then what is the use of living if one cant dream big. Dreams have to be crazy, else there is no point in having it.

2. सोचने के लिए पैसा नही लगता

3. I know, many entries in the list are materialistic but who cares, after all its a dynamic list which will evolve with time.

4. You are the privileged ones to go through whats running in my mind as of now.

So there you go..!!

A. Machines I would like to own:

Mercedes Benz

The Curves are Back..!      
Nissan Armada

B. Places I want to Visit:


Rio de Janeiro

C. Things I would like to do:

Date Gul Panag

Eat Caviar

Address Press Conference

D. Events to Attend:

Haj at Mecca

A Party in Greece

Oktoberfest in Germany

E. Play:
Cricket at Lords with The Sachin Tendulkar

Outdoor Chess

Golf at the Golf Home

F. Travel:

Balloon Ride at Masai Mara

Yacht Cruise in the Deep Blue
Travel to Space

Enough for the day. Will put in comments soon. 

What is on your list?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Until I join the league..!!

A tribute to all those dear friends..

  • who used to be Bond once and are Bound now..!
  • who used to be Wild Beasts and are Tamed by the Beauties now..!

Kidding, I am..!

Will add more soon..!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Like all posts, this post is simple, yet different. I want to capture different subtle discoveries/ thoughts of past few days.

#1: Maddening craze of social networking!

Its saddening! Silly updates of few maniacs shouting every hour spoils the actual fun of it.

#2: The larger than reel life image of Mogambo

Javed Saab's creation was backed by fabulous Amrish Puri performance to immortalize "mogambo khush hua"

Courtesy: Shekhar Kapoor Blog
(interesting read - what does a teacher make)

#3: Why is Nehru's death never talked about?

#4: Days where, micro overshadows image of macro

- Micro minis are always in thing (adding to reasons for earthquakes n igniting the minds)
- Though Micro blogging looks interesting, the real charm is missing for various reasons Side note: just installed mobile twitter.
- Micro financing is big hit, though not as big as micro minis. Superbly amazing spirit of support & business. Visit

#5: HBO Babelicious Advert - simply put awesome..!

#6: pi lu @ 4:50 mins ~ 5 mins. 1800 hrs to 2100 hrs = 180 mins
180/5 = 36 times pi lu: my latest craze for today

#7: astrology is a science.

These days a very close friend of mine is into it & convinced me that it is a science.

#8: Milk is INR 26+ per litre in India

No no..! I am not into domestic chores (as yet) and neither I am talking about price hikes. Met a milkman in the lift today morning, and out of curosity inquired the prices. Bhes ka doodh @ 26 Rs per litre.

#9: Missed the June post

I want to take this figure to #10..!
Anyways later..!