Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Peep

Only if it could speak..!
This one was clicked at a traffic signal in Ahmedabad. Bustling evening crowd, all rushing back home after long day and honking at the red light. And this poor creature has to follow the rules of life.
Strange life!

Wasn't Bad..!

Maggi: Is favorite of millions of Indians. I don’t like noodles but Maggi is always welcome. I am a very good cook. Things I can cook:
1.       Plain Omelet
2.       Scrambled Egg
3.       Half Fry
4.       Boiled Egg and
5.       Maggi
(Side note: Egg and Maggi can be a good combo. Will try it some time.)

My netted playground at Ahmedabad..! :-(

Aah..! I get sad when I see this one. Although, I played - something like 4 overs to score 34 or 44 runs! The actual fun part is missing - the real fun of playing along with a team on real play ground. As kids, we grow up listening to – ‘study now and you can play all your life later’. ?
No comments, silence!

Jugaad at peak in Nairobi..!
We, Indians are famous for all kinda jugaads. However, jugaad is not a term only in Hindi but Swahili (or Kiswahili) also has a similar word coined as Juakali meaning jugaad..! The best part is wiper on the plastic sheet.

Peak summer afternoon at Baroda..!
(Apologies for invasion of privacy)

This one is my favorite. Imagine, peak summer afternoon in Gujarat! Yet the set of two can manage to chill out together. Appreciate the amazing spirit!
Lazy Rainy Wednesday Morning..! (but, sadly no options..)

Frankly speaking, I wanted to skip work on that particular day and wanted to sit back and relax..!

The African Union Head Quarters, Addis Ababa
My workplace - 2 weeks a month.

The advent of the African Union (AU) can be described as an event of great magnitude in the institutional evolution of the continent. African countries, in their quest for unity, economic and social development under the banner of the Organization of African Unity (OAU) since 1963, have taken various initiatives and made substantial progress in many areas which paved the way for the establishment of the AU.

 The Wait..! @ Dinner Table

This one is imported from Dubai. It reminded me that once upon a time glass making was an art and Venetian glass was (is) world renowned for its form and make. Wondering, what is the good time to visit Italy? 

The wait was long though..!

The Wait 2..! Open Sky from Closed Boundaries
of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi

What do I do at the airports?

1. That is the time when I make all pending calls (all those who were told - I will call you later).
2. Reply to pending emails.
3. Read that article which I intended to read last week.
4. Catch up some sleep.
5. And, if time permits, read my favorite chapter from my favorite book.


Dear All, 

This is my first attempt of photo blogging. I know, many of you like to know about my whereabouts so started with few amateur photographs that I clicked randomly. 

Thinking to plunge into serious photo blogging..! (wondering..!!) Your thoughts..?

Signing off, till then, ciao..!!



Vengat said...

Honestly photos didn't have Borse's effect...true you need to start somewhere...keep going am sure you will evolve

Napoleon said...

Dear Rafiki,

Keep Going!

It's a true picture of our nomadic life...

Salama Sana!

Anonymous said...

If this is called photo blogging than I started long back...never knew!

Check this out:

Sweta Agarwal said...

its a good idea....u shud carry on...waitin fr more...

shreyans said...

keep blogging...!!

Sheetal RL said...

Aks,,,i know u will now say its Akash,but i prefer Aks :)....I second Vengat,I know u can click better ones..But yes one thing I always love about your blog is the realistic effect.I can actually believe all that you takes me there...Simple thoughts yet presented so well...Keep writing,u have audiences waiting for you to publish !!!