Monday, August 25, 2008

Incredible India

It was early morning, when I left my place at Baroda to reach my new office in Ahmedabad which hardly took me two hours. I still remember when the Ahmedabad - Baroda was at least 4 hour bumpy drive.

Today I couldn't get my quota of sleep, reasons being;

  1. the FM channels uninterrupted feed throughout the stretch of expressway.. (Mind you, the music was good. Unlike masses, I need noise to put me to sound sleep. Perhaps, its sign of being classified into class!! Laughs..)
  2. I was talking to my brother & friends in the States.
This made me ponder about 'Mera Mahaan Bharat'..

India, world's second largest democracy (often compared to an elephant), has carved a upward trajectory, slowly & steadily, in all fields and aspects of life... (Every coin has a flip side, but I am kinda believer in Optimism..!) Would like to quote a few that made me pen down these thoughts.

The Infrastructure:

The new expressways, affordable airborne travel options, every day rail-travel matching the comforts offered on airplanes (Indian Rails, which already had television options, is about to launch newer facilities like internet on the go, beautiful hostesses serving you. Just imagine hostess in blazers serving you on Lalu’s rail. Will talk about it in coming posts) have revolutionized the way India travels.

The Technology:

I am sure; you haven’t forgotten those yellow booths reading STD – ISD – PCO...!! Today, India is 3rd largest mobile population in the world with the cheapest phone to global i-Phones dying to grab the market share.

Needless to mention, the journey from Doordarshan era to 24X7 multi-channel digital worlds.
The list is long..

The Supply Chain:

This is the subject of my interest. Gone are the days where one had to wait for months after booking an automobile. In current age, we talk to clients about Lean and JIT concepts with optimum level of inventories, least lead times, maximum number of variants, and the least costs. Today's consumer is very sharp and needs to be treated as king. I remember an incident where one friend of mine was out to buy a Hero Honda CBZ and came back with Bajaj Pulsar. Reason being blue colored CBZ was unavailable for next week. The scene has changed drastically.

Let me cut it short. (Subject is vast and needs more justice to describe.)

This post reminds me of my favorite commercial of our very own legendary brand - 'Humara Bajaj'. The commercials aired in two different decades aptly mark India's prosperity march. (the commercial also conveys different hidden messages)

Truly 'buland' - Incredible India...!!

Watch the videos to judge for self..!!

Early days..



Welcome people (donno whom i welcoming..!!)

At the outset, let me use & revise Mark Twain's statement - 'If I had more time, I would have thought of a shorter link to the weblog.' However, it won the race of randomness and struck my mind when the box popped up.

Anyways, this page which I wish to call 'Reflections' was on my mind for quite some time and today, somehow, I got over the procrastination bug. Its the reflection of my random/ chaotic mind, which keeps on wandering from outrageous to sensible thoughts leaving me in pandemonium.

Perhaps, the page might look uninteresting to some of you, but undoubtedly you are lucky to have reached here.
So anyways, lets hope the reflection is clear enough or clears the chaos, and adds value (to author as well as to the viewers)..!!

Signing off,

P.S. Chaos is at peak on Sunday eve..!! Think coming days should have better content.