Sunday, April 11, 2010

Do Eyes Speak?


Few clarifications before we proceed to the post;

1. I am planning to increase the frequency of posts. It might dilute
a. Quality of the posts and
b. Interest of the readers

However, please don’t miss the un-highlighted word - “might”. Request you to share your thoughts.

2. These posts are never posted in expectation of any kind of comments. However, the comments (positive or negative; public or personal) are source of inspiration for me to write more. Appreciate your feedback.

3. Few of you had commented that my last posts were bit negative in nature (which I beg to differ). Hence I wanted to start this post on following note. However, as usual, I had to change my track considering the intensity/ gravity of the situation.

"Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it's at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored."
— Earl Nightingale:

I wanted to build on above mentioned note, but we can take a pause and continue on the same a bit later. And reason for the pause can be attributed to the picture in the post. I was considering the option of picture blogging when one of the friends suggested not to go for it.

That being that. Coming back to the point.I wanted to share this sketch, drawn by one of my friend. Simply putting, it’s beautiful. I might not be good at reading pictures or art. But this one is art personified.

A small child – around 7 years old – with birthday cake; so many feelings unsaid. It has no boundaries; the sketch could be of an Asian child or American or may be African. I don’t know what the lady artist thought while she was sketching it. Somehow, I am fascinated by thousand words that those little eyes convey without speaking. Is she waiting for someone? Or is she just happy?

That reminds me; do you feel like celebrating your birthday? As kids its fun, but as we grow up do we still enjoy the feeling of cutting the cake! Frankly speaking, I don’t have answer to it. Am I too grown up for my age? I don’t know, this is what I am listening to past few weeks now. However, I don’t agree to it at all. I am still a kid, you see..!

Okay, cutting it short, I sign off for the day. Will post something soon.

Anyways, Happy Birthday Gurl..!! Do you guys have a name for her? The post is open for your suggestions..!!


desperado said...

A crude and cruel thing happens to one and all during the process of 'Growing up', physically and mentally.

That thing is Corruption. Corruption of the body,
Corruption of the thoughts and feelings. Like rust, it corrodes us, and keeps on spreading. It pricks a small hole in the balloon of our emotions, the balloon does not burst but lets the air out without our realization that we are losing it. We are getting corrupted.

No materialistic pleasures match those joys, those old and pure joys of life.
Candle lit birthday cake celebrations...
Running on the ground barefeet...
Jumping on a heap of sand...
Smelling the wet earth during the first rains...
Getting drenched in rain...
WITHOUT worrying about the cellphone which is still not in your pocket
Without worrying about the wallet which is still not in your pocket..

All these thoughts and realizations come like a jolt to the guts...

Great thoughts indeed and an amazing sketch.

Please yourself, for the life of today...! I'll sign off to ponder and ponder and ponder...

Anonymous Genius said...

very well said..!!

Please yourself, for the life of today...! I'll sign off to ponder and ponder and ponder...!!

Anonymous said...

Thoughtful post, Thoughtful comment, Thoughtful sketch!!

I applaud both the artists - the sketcher & the reader of this little angel's eyes!

I wish..& I will try that this "Corruption"(of thoughts and feelings) wont adulterate my values as well as liking! I wont miss the opportunity of cutting my b'day cake this time!:)

While Pondering u both,don't let your present take control over you completely!As this colorful spring morning has come after a dark winter night!Drenching your self in thoughts of today, you might forget that shadow of past is following us!

Anonymous said...

The picture is speaking a thousand words...xcitement, childishness, dreams, sooooo much....wen we grow up these go some wher...but on another note, they don go anywher...ppl force to behave not look excitedly at the not cherish the moment of attention before cuttin the not be greedy to hav the first bite bein the bday grl/boy.... But so truly said that life is bein the kid inspite of all the criticisms and suggestions of growin up by others...ultimately who doesn lik cuttin the cake on his/her bday??? ....Sweta

Mayuri said...

Firstly I really apprecitates the skills of both the painter as well as the author of this blog.

Very well said and infact very well depicted through the painting what you want to say.

Her eyes communicate something beyond and even deeper than words.

Her eyes are so eager to explore things, they are so inquisitive, and eager to discover the world, so full of dreams and so innocent.

There is gentleness, innocence and happiness in her eyes.

I would name her Phoebe - which means light and brightness....her eyes show that light and twinkle and they are so happy and bright.