Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Different Strokes..!

This post is collection of different moods captured by different lenses! (Picture Courtesy: Various Sources)

Reminds me of song: 'raindrops keep falling on my head..'
Rains. There are hardly few who don't like to get drenched in the rains, forgetting all worries.

Quintessential Dusk
A perfect setting to relax and have some long awaited 'me time'

Draught to quench the Drought!
Absolute Paradox to the previous one.

Castles of Dreams
The day we stop making castles, we quit living..!

Gorgeous is an understatement!
I know many might not agree, but the log address still reads 'when-i-speak-to-myself'

Fingers Crossed
A super gesture to keep you going and encourage you to 'take it as it comes'

Wonderful 'natural' Delight
My idea of beauty!

The Penultimate Splendor
Will not rate as ultimate (lets put the rating on hold)

Welcome Change
Its the only change that is welcome all over the world (think so, if its at the correct time)

(Could not think of a title, request to share your thoughts)

Endless Opportunities
As the age old proverb goes: Behind every locked door there are thousand doors to success.

Endless Sea
Trucks and ricks are great source of creativity and inspiration

The Salman 'Dabaang' Khan
Bollywoods' reply to the Rajni Mania

Yes, you can READ_the way planets move
(at least thats what I am told to understand)

This post might look crude to few but it, in a way, connects the dots of my imagination. 
Probable Conclusion: I need a break and some nice 'me time'.

Some additions:

1. I am glad to share, few near and dear ones do wait for my posts. Thank you for the encouragement
2. Will share some self captured moments soon. 

Signing off,


Sweta Agarwal said...

hey ya....real real good collection...btw i also realized hav not read ur past few need to catch upp...was pleasantly suprised to see the last pic of astrologic....for the blank pic...the suggestion is "WE- THE PEOPLE"...jus found it apt from my side...keep posting......:-)

Napoleon said...


Good change...looking forward to see your clicks

Anonymous said...

ur blank pics right corner itself tells u wat it speaks about...!!
and am surely one of those that wont agree on one of ur pic description but as u said its ur blog...!!!

Nehow, those are some great pics and some cool interpretations...!!
keep entertaining n inspiring us with ur posts..!!