Monday, September 20, 2010

Morbid Stance

With due respects to Japanese management philosophy (its my bread and butter..!!); I have certain questions. Its not that I am challenging/ questioning the philosophy or the concepts. The concepts in itself are proven, tried and tested methods with desired results. 

However, a part of the concept is buzzing around my mind. Whats the use of it, if one doesnt understand..!

Like in layman language, it says the job of a worker is to follow the standard work and repeat it till the day ends. Just imagine a person tightening the bolts in an assembly  operation till he crashes onto the bed (like its shown in one of the Chaplin epic movies..!) or to push bags into the buses till his shift ends. No doubt it adds orderliness into life! But question thats popped up, whats the use of such orderliness when there is no fun in life..!

I think there is no difference in the young kids trained by terrorist organizations operational in Pak, the kids raised in Japan and the tadpoles thriving in the closed well..! (i wont involve the Shiv Sainiks or MNS for the time being; I feel I am thinking of something more sensible and shouldnt clutter my mind). Like the kids in Pak are fed since early days about the atrocities of Indian forces on the LoC, the Japanese kids are taught about the importance of standards and standard work since he/ she starts toddling. I strongly feel both are unaware of the life which has innumerable opportunities and where life is life.. just like the tadpole who feels the well is the world..! No doubt the difference here would be; unlike the Paki terrorist, the Kimono Kid has access to the world through all versions of tech but it fails to appreciate the feel of the outside world. As the wise men rightly said, 'bandar kya jaane adrak ka swad..!' (think it fits in here..!!)

What I want to convey is whats the use of all working in a particularly designed manner, when you cant appreciate what life has to offer. It is perfectly understandable that the people from 'the land of rising sun' have tasted the fruits of success and are trained to derive fun in what they do. But just imagine, does that mean there wont be any Dhirubhai or Walton..! And as one of my very able friends said, 'the rich will get richer and the poor will get children.' Why does a Japanese play any national level sport (keep aside the kids)? If Japan can excel in all fields, so should it do in sports. And it should master the skill to get the desired result/ outcome that is a win. So no excitement, and no fun and no sport as such..!!

Couple of months back, one friend of mine mentioned to me that I am into a not so good profession, of 'implementing standard work'. To which I agree (partly though), what fun would you derive if you were to assemble legs of chair all day long or would be more fun if you were to work and make the entire chair! Just put yourselves in the same shoes..!!

I understand the economies have changed and it was the era of division of labor that reigned the world, but still it is point to ponder..!!

Await your comments..!!



VB said...


Monotonous Gamble "tweet"!


Remember the Samuri sword in "Kill Bill" aka KATANA or the guitar of desperado...its takes many to make the perfect one. Its the constant quest for perfection, may be the workers do get bored at times but most of it, the thinking is to still find the perfection in whatever they do and at times its the belief that this the way it should be. Check the eating etiquettes, way too organized (I love sushi though!)

Taking lessons from Japan and inspirations from Koreans (the next competition to rest of the world), let do simple things differently to cut the stings.

A Painter also brushes in the same motion over and over again and probably has a same size of landscape for ages, he doesn't get tired of the monotonous gamble. What sets each stroke apart is the color, the rhythm and the focus to create something.

Lets paint it "good to great".

Napoleon said...


Good Thought!

So when are we screwing up the standard work (DSW) :))

Mayuri said...

Hey AB ...I completely agree what is the use in working like machines in a very standard would be so boring and momotonous...and I feel life has a lot of imperfections to offer which help us learn alot..i read this some whr that I think is apt to quote here "Imperfections are important. Just as mistakes are… You only get to be good by learning from mistakes… and you get to be real by being imperfect"

And not to forget to mention very well observed and written ..keep posting

Anonymous said...

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