Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pride and Prejudice

Last week, I got chance to watch one episode of ‘India’s Got Talent’ season 2. And although I am not a big fan of the show or judges, I was disappointed to see Sajid Khan (sicko) to replace Shekhar Kapoor. (Side note: The lady, Ms. Sonali Bendre Behl was beautiful as always.) Shekhar was good with his philanthropic comments and dramatic expressions.

The reason for the post is a performance by a group from Gujarat which was inspired by African folk dance with touch of Indian flavor. And our judge, Sajid made some silly comment on the African matter. It is surprising how people comment on African language, culture and color. Our languages like Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, etc also sound alien to people from different regions in the country. Same is the case with the folk dances across India. I don’t know why I did not like his comment; perhaps its ‘cos I don’t like Sajid or I have developed a soft corner for the land of Africa!!

And we talk of racism that Indians face in foreign lands like Australia and UK!

Media created ruckus out of Shilpa incident in reality show Big Brother. She hit a jackpot and suddenly became a global celebrity. Who gained out of it? The media and Shilpa Shetty. How about the racism that still exists?

How about the Thackreys’, both senior and junior? Senior was against the south Indian community and the junior is against north Indians!! How can one create such rift in a free land like India which is a hotpot of varied culture and religions, and that too just to gain some political mileage out of it..!

And point to note is that, Raj Thackrey who is against north Indians working in Maharashtra, had himself hired a north Indian lawyer..! What did the poor guy do who came to appear for the entrance exam?

I might be too young to comment on the big issue, however felt like sharing it!
One should be proud of ones culture but has no right to be prejudiced towards others..!!


Napoleon said...

1000 % agree with you sir!

Mayuri said...

Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar when he made the constitution he basically compiled the constitution from the various constitution of the world. He took the best points from various constitutions and made into one. No doubt this was a mountainous job and very well executed, but this constitution has one basic flaw. There is no restriction to the number of political parties that can be formed in this country. Anybody who is a citizen of India can launch a political party of his own with even a handful of supporters. There is no cap on the minimum qualification of the political aspirant. With the constitutional right and with no cap on qualification any criminal today is a political aspirant and he or
she is accepted in the political system without any question.Politics therefore in India has become a haven of criminals of all types and the cause for all the problems that we face today.Our politicians are breaking the
country from within. We do not need a foreign hand our own hand
is doing the work of the foreign hand.

desperado said...

White Americans and the African Americans,
The Jews and the Arabs,
The Pashtuns and the Hazara,
The Israelis and the Palestinians,
Them & Us...
So on and so forth goes the world...

How could our very own Incredible India lie low.
We patented, The Hindus and The Muslims.
And if that wasn't enough, we leap ahead...
The north indians and the south indians,
The Gujju and the Mallu,
The Bihari and the Marathi...
And so on and so forth...

Are we better off living a meaningless existence?

You come into this world, and come what may, we'll rival.
You HAVE TO pick a side.
The war is indelible.



The frustration lingers.....